St John's Primary School Super Star Touch Clinics

SuperStar Touch provides communities with a team game that improves fitness, develops skill levels and encourages communication. All successful Rugby League teams have high fitness levels. In the modern game these teams generally rely on their hooker, half and five eight to provide the creativity to initiate attacking opportunities. When players have confidence in each other and communicate effectively, opportunities are turned into points. In SuperStar Touch we encourage all players to develop the three key components of fitness, creativity and communication. SuperStar Touch uses the 2nd player touch rule to provide opportunities for all players to be creative. This, in turn, encourages players in the attacking team to talk to each other. In many Rugby League games you see half chances created and exploited by enthusiastic support play. The 2nd player touch rule creates the same conditions in SuperStar Touch. Just as important is the talk between players in the defending team. If the defending team fails to communicate effectively they will find it difficult to contain the attacking team.
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Mullumbimby Northern NSW Australia