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Mullumbimby Giants ACADEMY (Private)

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Mullumbimby Giants ACADEMY
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Mullumbimby Giants ACADEMY (Private)
Thursday, 08 March 2012


The Mullumbimby Giants Sports Academy has been established to facilitate the transition of younger players from the Mullumbimby Giants Junior Club into the Senior Club.

The Sports Academy will assist players to reach their full potential as individuals. Firstly, as members playing in a sporting team, and secondly, as members of a club within the wider community.

One of the strategies of the Sports Academy is to provide a support structure for these players to receive information and gain valuable guidance from approved sport mentors.

We encourage past players, teachers, coaches and parents to play a positive role, in the future development of the players, from the Mullumbimby Giants ACADEMY.

We believe it is important to keep club members up to date through Education, stay in touch through an effective Communication network and encourage Teamwork between club members and officials that produces the best outcomes for all involved.

Graham Eadie
Head Coach
Mullumbimby Giants RLFC
Mob 0411 866 881