SuperStar Touch ... more than just a game !

Discussion started by Mark Russell (Aussie Sport Skills) , on Wednesday, 08 February 2012 09:42
SuperStar Touch is more than just a game of touch.

SuperStar Touch can provide significant benefits to the education, health and employment prospects of our nationís youth. As part of a comprehensive program, implemented in schools, SuperStar Touch is a key component in engaging young people and motivating them to become an integral part of a team.
In fact, the skills and values developed in SuperStar Touch can be applied to everyday situations and lead students towards establishing productive and personally fulfilling lives.

The skills and values outlined below are timeless but many students donít appreciate the importance of establishing values for life because they donít think it is relevant to them. Being exposed to values and having them explained in a context that interests them and is enjoyable, provides an experience for students to relate to in everyday life and a context for teachers to draw from while communicating with students in the classroom.
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