Building the Rugby League Community in Regional NSW !

Discussion started by Steve Martin (Australian Kangaroo, State of Origin & Rugby League STAR) , on Monday, 18 July 2011 19:38
1. What are the benefits of playing team sports ? 2. How important are good role models in forming a “sports character” in young people? 3. What will affect the decision of parents to guide their children towards Rugby League? 4. What is being implemented to make Junior Rugby League safe and fun to play? 5. How can the media help to encourage children to participate in team sports? 6. What damages the image of Rugby League? 7. What role do local Rugby League Clubs play in shaping a wholesome community? 8. How can the former greats get involved? 9. How can former players help to support local communities in NSW? 10. What are the most important needs of sporting clubs in NSW?
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